Copy Right Now

The fifth issue of Kayısı Kent A4 was made by Stephan Kurr and titled Copy Right Now.
This issue includes a selection of photocopies from Kurr’s own archive that he started while studying in 1980s. The images in the collection are photocopies from a wide range of sources, yet all share a certain visual quality that marks the artist’s specific field of interest. Copy Right Now also includes a fragmental re-reading of an article by a close friend of Stephan Kurr, the Istanbul based writer Süreyyya Evren.

What is Kayısı Kent A4?
Kayisi Kent A4 is a fanzine/zine-like-thing. A different artist will make each issue and the fanzine will be copied and sold by mobile photocopiers in Istanbul. Kayısı Kent A4 survives on the street since March 2010.

Where can you find a copy?
Kayısı Kent A4 is sold only at the mobile photocopiers in Istanbul. You might be able to find a vendor in Karaköy end of Yüksek Kaldırım, in weekdays on the main street between Osmanbey and Sisli Camii, in the rush hour between Pangalti and Elmadag. At the weekends, there is a chance that you might come across the vendors in Aksaray and around Tünel. If you are lucky, you might find one around Balıkpazarı or Aga Camii in Beyoglu and possibly in Nisantasi.

Everybody in Istanbul, who runs a mobile photocopier is originate from the eastern Anatolian City of Malatya, the so called city of apricots (Kayısı Kent).

The first 11 issues of Kayısı Kent A4 were exhibited in September 2011 at DEPO Istanbul.

Participating artists:

  • Burak Delier
  • Antrepo
  • Jorge Mendez Blake
  • Stephan Kurr
  • Nalan Yırtmaç
  • Burak Bedenlier
  • Delphine Rigaud
  • Dilek Winchester
  • Evrim Kavcar
  • Yasemin Özcan Kaya
  • Yahya Madra und Ceren Özselçuk

    In autumn 2017 Osman Kavala the sponsor and founder of Anadolu Kültür was arrested and stays in Turkish prison. Anadolu Kültür finances DEPO. Anadolu Kültür supports mainly the art production of minorities in Turkey, like Armenians or Kurds.