First Decision

"Erste Entscheidung"
Book, edited in 2004
at Revolver - Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt/Main (ISBN 3-937577-47-5)
96 pages, 800 copies, hardcover
Realized with a production grant by the Senate of Science, Culture and Research of the City of Berlin.
Foreword by Kolja Kohlhoff, translated into English by Gundula Avenarius

I moved to Berlin in January 1997. In order to get to know the city without following my own habits or patterns given by city planers, I decided to go zick-zack. The first decision after leaving the flat should be "turn to the left". From now on I would alter directions at every possibility I would have. I would walk every passable way, street or path. I decided to walk until I would reach the city’s border. I wrote down every name of the streets and places I walked. Places without I described with simple terms like walkway, path, courtyard and so on.