Himno Alemán

Himno Alemán was developed out of a performance at the lugar a dudas in Cali, Colombia. www.lugaradudas.org/lugar_a_dudas.htm

Stephan Kurr invited the band Los Expresidentes to the gallery and shortly before the public arrived, he auditioned the German National Hymn. Then he asked the band to accompany him and adapt the hymn stepwise in their style. This “first public rehearsal” was ended after about 30 minutes, when the majority of the expected audience was present.

Two days later Stephan Kurr and Los Expresidentes met again in the studio of Universidad del Valle de Cali to continue their rehearsal until the German anthem was transformed into a Colombian like song and finally recorded.

Himno Alemán was created for the artist’s exchange and exhibition project „The Intricate Journey“. The exhibition „The Intricate Journey“ on display in the NGBK, Berlin, showed the poster announcing the performance in Cali, as well as a showcase with photos and fan articles and a video of the transformation process of the German National Hymn into Himno Alemán.

The exhibition catalogue contains a DVD including song and video, available at: www.ngbk.de/site/index.php?option=com_auto&view=auto&Itemid=5

studio: Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia
director: Carlos Patiño
unit management and mastering: Mauricio Prieto Muriel
sound engineer: Jesús Becerra
cameramen: Rodrigo Ramos and José Tomás Giraldo
photographers: Stefan Krüskemper and Javier Moya

Los Expresidentes:
Arnulfo Muñoz: maracas
Reynaldo Rodriguez: guitar, vocals
Jorge Bolívar: requinto guitar
Alejandro Enriquez España: percussion