Debitism – Breathing Course

What is Debitism?
Debitism is today’s global form of economy. Debitism regards the economy not as its sum of exchanges, but as its sum of debt relations. Debts and their interests force to act. They trim the potentials of governments, companies and individuals. But governments and company’s headquarters often use these cuts as an argument to push through their own interests. Their argument is competitiveness and efficiency and by comparing everyone with everybody, they tend to see a precarious situation for them selves. These global precarious situations forces to exploit all resources: nature, culture, social relations and finally leads in to self-exploitation.

The artists Mari Brellochs and Stephan Kurr offer a debitism – breathing course:
Debitism creates existential fears. I exhale more air than I inhale. I dispense more air than I get back. While I empty my lungs consciously, I bypass synapses because of anoxia in the brain and I activate then in a state of trance and visions new forces of resistance, which were blunt in my daily life.

As a part of the exhibition “Subsiders“ (Gallery Weisser Elefant, Berlin) a room for breathing exercises was installed. In a second room the exercise is shown on video performed by the artists and some probands. A flyer informed on debitism and gave advices on “debitism – breathing”.